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Lamborghini-Motor, photographiert von Marc Stantien

HCam-B1 Camera
 A Revolution
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 True Digital Lenses!
 Optics by Carl Zeiss
 Hartblei 4/40 IF TS
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 Hartblei Makro 4/120 TS
 Set 40/80/120 mm

 Color- and Focus-Targets
 RB/RZ-645 Adapter
 Filters and Sunshades
 Nurizon Acolens Software
 Support Stand

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HCam-B1 in comparison

Surprising features -HCam-B1 and Competition !

Facts und Infos

[TSE Adapter with 17mm and HCam-B1]
TSE Adapter with 17mm and HCam-B1

Technical data - Specifications HCam-B1


by Stefan Steib
Hartblei 4/120 Makro TS with Canon 5D II, ISO 100, f/11, 1/125 sec

"The Contax Planar 1,4/85mm on this body is perfect for awesome effects using the open aperture."
Marc Stantien

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