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HCam-B1 fotografiert von Stefan Steib

HCam-B1 Camera
 A Revolution
 Data Sheet/Specification

Hartblei Lenses
 Why Shift and Tilt?
 True Digital Lenses!
 Optics by Carl Zeiss
 Hartblei 4/40 IF TS
 Hartblei 2,8/80 TS
 Hartblei Makro 4/120 TS
 Set 40/80/120 mm

 Color- and Focus-Targets
 RB/RZ-645 Adapter
 Filters and Sunshades
 Nurizon Acolens Software
 Support Stand

Buying Hartblei
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 Hartblei Lenses

Advantages of HCam-B1 - an Overview

Good arguments for HCam-B1

  1. Adapt all lenses no matter whether 35 mm or MF
  2. Wideangle from 14 mm to Supertele
  3. Use all backs from all manufacturers
  4. Technically superior solution with integrated bladeshutter
  5. Built in Wakeup signal, camera and back immediately ready for shooting
  6. No mirror slap and caused vibration inducing motion blur during exposure.
  7. Perfect for multishot backs
  8. Adaptable for Industrial or measurement/photogrammetric shooting.
  9. Precision mounts manufactured by Novoflex
  10. Simple operation with foil keyboard
  11. Motorized slider for highest operation comfort
  12. All viewfinder systems of Hasselblad V usable
  13. Massive construction for robust daily operation
  14. Service friendly and reasonable spare part prices
  15. Power operation mains, car adapter or battery (video standard)
  16. Illuminated level finders
  17. Electronic controlled flash Hotshoe
  18. Built in Remote Radio controlled trigger with delay and timer available

Hcam-B1 now with changeable back adapters

All new HCam-B1 cameras now receive changeable back adapters for all backs - Hasselblad V+H and Mamiya 645 (Contax 645 on order) - price will stay until end of june, after that will be raised + 300 EUR

HCam-B1 Adapter.

Customized for our new HCam-B1 our partner Nurizon delivers the new version of Acolens 2.0 Supershift to correct and improve all your lenses and especially for shift and tilt of our Hartblei lenses 40 mm and 80 mm.

HCam-B1 enters a unique position on the world market. It combines usability for Photographers with industrial ruggedness for technical and scientific usage. Such a product has not been realized before! Maybe it takes a small company like Hartblei to show what's possible today?!

We love photography, we talk to our customers and we do listen what they tell us. You showed us the way to this exciting new product. Thank you very much for this !

Supportstand - mit Cam und 120mm Makro


HCam-B1 with 4/40mm IF and sun shade
by Stefan Steib
Hartblei 4/120 Makro TS with Canon 5D II, Shift 10mm;, ISO 100, f/11, 1/125 sec

"The macro lens is the work horse in the studio."
Stefan Steib

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